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The object of Innovator's business is purchase of shares of, the management of and the advice for innovative enterprises. Innovator exclusively works with innovative companies because innovation - better: its market success - is the only denominator that differentiates successful from less successful corporations in the globalized - better: multipolar - World.

Innovator has been founded based on the insight that today's existing types of enterprises like Private Equity, Interim Management or Consultancies in most cases are not able on there own to provide the necessary innovation process to transform an idea into market success. Innovator has been founded by Stephan Scholtissek, author of "Magie der Innovation" and "Innovation Excellence - Creating Market Success in the Energy and Natural Resources Sector". Scholtissek has dealt with innovation in different roles - scientist, developer, advisor -throughout his entire professional live.

Innovator invests in respective enterprises mainly via purchase of share. In most cases Innovator delivers the management for the innovation process. Innovator nearly always develops the necessary concepts for realization of the market success from an initial idea, an initial patent. As rule of thumb Innovator's service is delivered as integrated service and settled via share transfer.

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